The workshop will explore the question of ‘place’ or ‘topos’ and its radical transformation in the recent years due to the proliferation and availability of environmental parameters. Departing from the notion of ‘computing,’ understood as information processing, strategies of ‘data mining’ and ‘indexing’ will be proposed as sensible readings of the site and the territory.

The breeding of local environmental parameters will generate new forms of architectural agency and expression. Diverse mechanisms will be used to materialize ‘invisible’ information such as environmental and social conditions, users’ preferences, digital information, etc. The capture of ‘local’ data will be done through the use of sensors, site specific simulations and rss feeds which will be used to capture information in the ‘network’. The workshop will provide the students with technical support to use microprocessors and sensing technologies. Each team will be looking at one main environmental parameter, in its broader sense, such as sun light, programmatic densification, urban flux, users’ data collected from urban behavioural patterns, potential energetic consumption/production, etc to synthesize ‘Datascapes’ that will feed into the projects. These ‘Datascapes’ will be built from the following devices, software and strategies.

The workshop will be looking at ‘Datascapes’ cross feeding macro and micro scales. In the first part, participants will be working at the macro scale developing cartographical readings of Bilbao with the use of GIS software. In the second part of the workshop through the deployment of sensing devices and microclimate simulations, the participants will be looking at the variability of specific environmental parameters such as CO concentration or temperature gradients at the neighborhood scale. The cartographies and microclimate surveys will be re-articulated and informed through feedback mechanisms between both scales.

The workshop will be organized by an interdisciplinary team of tutors from the Architectural Association in London, NASA, Sci-Arc and USC in Los Angeles and GSAPP Columbia University in New York.


The deadline for applications is 07 July 2014. Application forms and additional information are available online at: